Brass, Brass, Brass

Hot Day
Hot Day

Nothing but brass. A least for today. I had a pretty good shooting day despite some aches and pains so I think I’ll show you a few pictures each day, for a few days. No sense hiding them, right?

Lets start with the musicians. There were a couple of bands leading the parade in a couple of divisions.  TBC and New Breed. Another band may have joined the second line further on up the road, but I stopped working by then. It was hot and I was aching a little bit.

Somehow I got it in my head that New Breed was touring. Look at the bottom picture. You’ll see just how wrong I was. Yeah. Like that never happens. Heh.

It was deja vu all over again. The policeman who manages most second lines yelled out, “New Breed, lets start.” Same exact thing he did last year. He yelled. They started. So did I. Somebody else yelled out for everybody to watch the streetcars.  Just because the second line pretty much takes over St. Charles Avenue for a while, and automobile traffic is blocked, the street cars aren’t stopped. Funny city, eh? I see some kind of movie in this. Remember the HBO show Treme? Like that. Only a comedy.

One thing to note. That police officer yelled to be heard over the crowd. It was not confrontational. We like our cops. There just aren’t enough of them. If you work at second lines as often as I do, there is something very comforting seeing him at each parade.


The pictures. I’m headed in a completely different direction than this genre of street photography. But, I can’t resist documenting our culture. Somehow, I have to figure out how to combine the two. I experimented a little last week. It wasn’t quite there. I may have to go to art school to figure this out. Just kidding. I’d rather let it figure me out.

These pictures are a version of F8 and be there. I did experiment a little more with in-camera light meter settings. After all these years, shooting pictures in noon day sun is still an issue. Too much contrast. Too much white light. Too many deep shadows. Basically, I reversed my normal way of exposure and let the camera light meter do its averaging thing. It seems to have worked. Very minimal post production.

Oh yeah. Remember last week’s second line? Nice weather? Not too hot? Not too humid? I wish nature would stop teasing us. Today? 96 degrees with some pretty high humidity. Yep. Welcome to a Southeastern Louisiana fall. That’s why so many musicians are carrying towels. To wipe their faces and hands.

Horns, Nothing But Horns
Horns, Nothing But Horns


      1. That must be it. I forgot. 🙂 Around here, musical miss plays piano and guitar and sings. She was given a really pretty fiddle, but learning to play it drove me and the dogs out so she gave up.


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