Blue and blue and yellow.
Blue and blue and yellow.

I was just going to write something short about color for color’s sake, wishing you a good Friday and calling it a day. Then, I started thinking about a clever headline and stumbled upon a color wheel. Everybody knows what that is, right?

Using the most basic definition, it is a wheel that allows you to see how colors harmonize or contrast with each other. There’s a lot more. There are three sets of colors. Primary. Secondary. Tertiary.


Red. Yellow. Blue.

Orange. Green. Purple.

Yellow-Orange. Red-Orange. Red-Purple. Blue-Purple. Blue-Green. Yellow-Green. These colors are formed by mixing a primary and secondary color. You know. Those hyphens.

You probably know all of this. But, did you know the first color diagram was invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666? That, and the theory of gravity. A lot more, too. Smart guy. No. He didn’t have anything to do with inventing the Fig Newton.

I could go on forever about color theory. Color harmony. Color Context. Color Meaning. It’s always fascinated me.

If you’d like a short primer on color, ask and I’ll do it. It’s a good study. I’ve worked a lot with color. Especially in my days of managing big, commercial four-color presses. That’s theory combined with practical use.

But, for today it’s enough to say that forgetting shade and hue (the white trim, graffiti, sign and clouds), these two pictures pretty much nail the primary color wheel. Red. Yellow. Blue.

That’s either luck. Or, how I see color.

Sheesh. The bottom picture actually contains all three.

The pictures. I just photographed what I saw and added  a little post production to help the pictures do what I wanted them to do.

Red and Blue
Red and Blue