Another Lifetime

Falling down... sooner to later.
Falling down… sooner to later.

If it seems like I’m coming and going, that’s because I am.

I made this picture leaving yesterday’s second line and on my way to some place else. I’ll show you a few more second line pictures as the week passes.

I’ve actually been inside this place. When it was alive. When they owners actually sold groceries. And cigarettes. And beer. A lot of beer.

Cheap wine, too.

I’ve been inside after it closed. After the storm. I photographed it from the inside out. Now the front door is boarded up. The walls are falling down. I’m willing to bet that the city will soon condemn and demolish it.

Too bad.

I’m also willing to be that at one time, it provided somebody’s living. It probably gave them with shelter too. Live upstairs. Work downstairs. A lot of people lived that way. The original work from home plan. Except they actually worked on something tangible. A grocery store. A restaurant. A barber shop. Small businesses like that.

The picture. Whew. I don’t know where to start. First, it’s a drive by. I tried to get out and take the picture, but I couldn’t find the angle. The building was best photographed from the driver’s seat.

I did stop. Right in the middle of the intersection.

Some guys hanging out on one of the stoops must have been wondering what I thought I was doing. This neighborhood, and street, has been plagued by a number of drive-bys. Of another much more violent nature. When I saw them studying me, I held my camera up out of the window so they could see it. They nodded in response. I don’t want them diving for safety. Or thinking that they had to defend themselves. Especially that.

Post production. Oh my. It’s all done using OnOne software. Right from the RAW file. That was a little test. They are making a big move to be the only software a photographer needs. It works just fine. No Adobe. Yippee.

Then to post production. First. I exposed it sort of backwards. I exposed more for the shadows because I knew they would disappear once I started tinkering with it. Digital capture normally really digs into the shadows and opens them up. By exposing for them I ran the risk of really blowing out the highlights. Then I used a whole lot of manipulations techniques. I tried a couple of times. I failed a couple of times. Finally, the picture sort of found me.  It’s messy. Dirty. Trashy.

That’s what I was after.


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