Deserted Glow

Things that are left.
Things that are left.

You’ve been here.

This is the house that once had the American flag hanging on one wall. If you’ve been around Storyteller for any length of time you remember it. The flag is long gone. Not much else has changed.

The neighborhood has changed. It’s starting to come back. But, this place? Nope. Even the piles of wood are still in the same place. There is a new water bottle in the foreground. Somebody has been there.

With that wide open door, I’m amazed the building hasn’t been torn up or covered in graffiti. Remember what I said yesterday? In New Orleans if it doesn’t move, it gets tagged. Not here. Not in the three years I’ve been passing by. There aren’t even any nosey and protective neighbors around to ask what I’m doing inside. That’s not to say there aren’t neighbors around. We wave to each other. But, there is not even a question about my intent.

The picture. The basic picture is just F8 and be there. The post production is maybe mid-level. I made the place glow. I shot it on a bright sunny day. I felt good. The day felt good. I made the picture look like I felt when I took it.


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