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Broke Down Palace

A Central City Scene

A Central City Scene

Sometimes, I have to be very quick to point out that Hurricane Katrina didn’t do all of this. New Orleans has a lot of nicknames. One is “The City that Care Forgot.” Some of our neighborhoods were broken well before the storm arrived. They will be broken long after the city has completely recovered. It’s just how it is. I don’t care how many new techies and hipsters arrive, there are just some places in the city…

I had some great feedback and response to my enhanced flower picture. One of my old friends said that the picture reminded him of Nine Inch Nails album work. Or, David Lynch’s work. I know what Lynch’s work looks like and that’s quite a compliment. I never got into “industrial music” so I had no idea what NIN album covers looked like. I Googled around. Maybe. Maybe not. I was interested because their lead singer — well, their studio everything — Trent Reznor lived in New Orleans for a while. The graffiti about him lives on well after he left the city. There are Reznor signs everywhere. Especially in The Bywater. As I know it now, he left in about 2002. But, as I recall, he sold his house in 2012 or so. Now, he is some kind of creative director for Apple Music. Yes. He still plays his own music. I listened to some NIN. I’m still not partial to “industrial music. ”

The picture. This one could have gone either way in the Katrina series. I think, when I made it, I was starting to move on from ruins and into rebirth. But, I saw it and you know what that means. The location is near the former Calliope Projects. In that neighborhood, one block is coming back. The next, not so much. Yes. There is a huge amount of post production going on in the picture. I want the picture to feel like it did when I pressed the button.



  1. stilestyson says

    I like this. The picture is very flat and the elements fit together like puzzle pieces.


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