Falling Forward Two

A little green.
A lot green.

A little brown. A lot of green. Really a lot of green. Keep reading. You’ll see.

Since I’m really not looking to document New Orleans right now, I’m spending a little time more close to home. Like my backyard.

I think that 15 days of working really steadily burned me out for looking around. Even though I really don’t have to make new pictures for Storyteller right this minute  — I have a big backlog –it really bothers me not to work on my own new stuff.

So. I’m splitting the difference.

It’s pretty amazing what you can see if you just look. How many times do you walk past the things in your neighborhood and not even think twice? Or, in your yard? Or, in the parking lot where you just bought groceries. Look very closely there. I found four $20 bills this afternoon. Nicely folded around each other.

$80. I’d be bummed if I lost that money. My first instinct was to go back into the store. But, how do you identify money? “Oh yeah, sure. Those are my twenty dollar bills. I’d know them anywhere.” Charity, you say. We already did that last week. For a lot more than $80. One of these days, I’ll tell you. But, charity is best done anonymously.


Storyteller is automatically distributed to social media sites. That’s great. I have no idea who sees it on Twitter or Google+ (which I’ve pretty much given up on) or Pinterest. But, I do know that Facebook pretty much limits who sees new posts. Only about 20 to 33% of the people who are “friends” see new posts. It’s a math thing. I have no idea what trips the switch.

I tested this on Saturday. Remember the backlighted leaves floating in the swimming pool? A lot of you liked it here. It’s probably on my Instagram feed located to the right. But, on Facebook… nothing. I reposted it through Instagram to Facebook. Guess what? Lots of likes yesterday. Lots of comments, too.

I suppose I could post directly to Facebook, which might help. But there are issues with that. Copyright issues.

Anyway. The picture. I’ve been playing with a macro lens. I’ve had macro lenses since the dawn of time. I’m not sure why. I really don’t use them that much. It’s not really how I work. This picture isn’t exactly macro because it’s not as close as it could be. But I like nature’s design. Yes. There’s a lot of post production going on. I’m experimenting.

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