Bohn Motors Building

Bohn Motors Building
Bohn Motors Building

I know what you are thinking.

You’re wrong. I’m not stuck in Hurricane Katrina pictures. New Orleans has a lot of nicknames. One is the city that care forgot. Bohn Motors was abandoned long ago. In fact, I think it was some kind of community center pre-storm.

I’d love to accurately tell you when Bohn Motors first left the city, moved to the suburbs and then moved across the river, but there doesn’t seem to be any historical information. They are major car dealers. They are no longer just a Ford agency. They seem to sell just about everything these days. And, they are a very big name around these parts.

I have no idea if this building will ever be restored. I suspect so, just because it is solid brick, has great bones and there is a lot of potential in those big metal skylight frames. But, it has no roof. That wouldn’t stop me. Sheesh. I bought a house with no back. Three stories, and the back just fell down. And, off.

Yes. I did shoot this picture when I was tearing around shooting the “Katrina Collection,” but it didn’t fit in, so I left it out. Until now.

The picture. Yes. Yes. Yes. Lots of heavy post production. I wanted the picture to look like it felt when I took it. The raw file is actually kind of boring. So, it was off to work I went. Before you ask, I don’t know. I tinker around until I the picture finds me. I start with some sort of vision. That rarely works out. So, I just let the picture lead me. It takes some time, but eventually I can be taught.



  1. Nice! I totally understand your weakness for great bones. Celebrating here today, having finished my lecture on Japanese art.

    1. Sort of. I’m still pretty business-like when it comes to actually buying a building. For instance, I would never buy this one. I don’t have enough guns and kevlar vests to protect me in that neighborhood.

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