Second Season
Second Season.

I took this picture some time last week. In late August.

Look at all those new blooms. Look at that bee that is backlighted by the sun’s glow.  Looks like spring. Felt like the middle of summer while I was out there. Hot. But, not so humid.

I’ve written in the past that we have two growing seasons. One starts in very late winter — well, our kind of winter — and the other normally starts around fall. Usually, late September or early October. We actually plant winter vegetables then. These blooms seem very, very early.

The picture. Nothing to it. F8 and be there. But, there is a little twist. I was photographing something else with a 20 mm lens. Very wide for this kind of nature work. But, when I looked up I just had to make this picture. Besides, I’m lazy. Who wants to change sense in the middle of what I’m doing?