New Orleans

New Orleans.
New Orleans.

New Orleans. Louisiana.

At dusk. On a very hot rainy and humid evening.

I know what you’re thinking. If it’s raining, why isn’t the highway wet?

Good question. Simple answer. What falls down, must go up. We’d have rain. Heat. Humidity. The streets would dry out. Causing more humidity. At a certain point, rain falls again. Then… well, you know. Wash, rinse and repeat. All day long. Really, for two days. That’s Southeast Louisiana. We live in a hot-house for at least seven months a year. Even when the temperature drops, we still have humidity. It just feels chilly. And, stuff still grows. We are about to enter our second growing season of the year. How about that? Fresh, garden grown vegetables in January?

The picture. I made this picture on the way to the new hospital corridor. Remember that? The place where the new rolling hills are hiding debris? I make a version of this every picture time that I circle around I-10. I’ve got a great collection of “Entering New Orleans” pictures. Most of them aren’t worth showing you. Or, anybody. But, every now and then…

You know my “drive by shooting” routine by now. Use a wide angle lens. Set everything possible on the camera to auto. Put it on the dashboard and push the button. Pay attention to the work at hand. That’s driving. Let the camera do whatever it does. Just before I get to the place where those tail lights are showing, I just drive. That’s a merge lane. Things get a little weird around there. Especially if there a couple of big trucks and a bus are trying to merge into the same line that I’m in.

You know what the main rule is… take pictures, but come home safely.

Oh, this great. Spell check helped me out today. It changed the word, “button” to — wait for it — “button.”


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