1. I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation that still lingers there. I remember back before I moved out of Oklahoma, we had one of the worst tornado hits that we had in my entire life of living there. It does not even come close to comparison as Katrina, and I know that Oklahoma has since had worse, I remember how much things had changed after that one, so to live there in New Orleans…I just can’t even begin to take step to imagine. Mother Nature is a powerful and destructive creature. Terrifying and intriguing all at the same time.

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    • Thank you. Nature just wants stasis and does whatever it takes to get back there. As far as we in NOLA go, it depends on who you ask. There is a new poll that says 54% of us think that we are back. In some ways we are. In many ways we aren’t. We live in The Garden District. It, and other neighborhoods along the river, were called “the sliver by the river” because those neighborhoods never were flooded. That’s one reason to live there, but you never know for which direction the next storm will come. The areas that aren’t back and may never be back are more outlying areas like most of the Lower 9th Ward. We’ll see… In another 10 years. There is a rule about big projects that I learned in grad school. Whenever you plan a project timeline, multiple it by 3 and that’s about the real time. Most of the urban planning groups said 8 years to rebuild the city completely. So, multiply that by 3 and that sounds about right.


  2. I have never been to New Orleans, though I have been to Louisiana numerous times. These photos show why I should go there, if even to give encouragement to those still rebuilding their city. Many took refuge in my home state to the north during the Katrina crisis.


    • Thank you again, Charley. We eventually found refuge in New Mexico. It was great healing place to be, but after a while the call of home was just too strong. Come on down, we’ll show you around…


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