On Magazine Street

Rainy night on Magazine Street.
Rainy night on Magazine Street.

It must be the colors in the sky. That’s why I’m drawn to pictures like this.

I sort of made a left turn. Then another left turn. I retreated from New Mexico pictures and moved back to where I live. At least, for now. There was a practical reason for it. I had a  bunch of client requests. I’m like anybody else. Money motivates me. Once I started looking through my NOLA files, I realized that there is a lot of work that you haven’t seen. So, here we go…

This exercise actually made me smile. Everybody was getting a little grumpy around here. Extremely high temperatures will do that to you. Also, the television weather guys reminded us that we have had 46 days in a row of 90 degree highs. Whew. We traveled some during that time. But, everywhere that we went was hot. I also realized that even when the temperature didn’t reach 90 degrees, 89 degrees isn’t much different. I haven’t been in cool weather — anywhere — since the first week of May. It wears on you. Yeah, sure. We have air conditioning. But, living inside isn’t all that much fun. I like being outside. Sheesh. How do you think I make all of these pictures? Even the dogs who live here are getting a little grumpy. These are dogs who think they are being abused when they have to share a couch with their humans. But, dogs are dogs. They’d rather be outside. Eating fresh ripe strawberries right from the bush before we can get to them. Little jerks.

Enough. Ranting about the weather won’t do much. Probably just make me hotter.

This picture. This is truly just f8 and be there. I made the picture while I crossing the street. We were probably going to dinner. Those weird things in the sky that look like blobs are rain drops on the lens. You can even some rain falling in mid-picture. I did tinker with the picture a bit. Basically, I just adjusted the contrast to bring the highlights and shadow a little more in balance.

The good news. The New Orleans Saints (American football team for those of you in other parts of the world) are playing their first training game in a few minutes. Obviously, it’s autumn and the weather is cool. Or not. One more thing for my non-US friends. American football is mostly played during autumn and early winter. It’s cooler, or even cold then. So… it must be cooler. Right this minute.



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