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Some Kicks. Route 66.

Route 66, West of The Sandias.

Route 66, East of The Sandias.

Well. I told you. I’m pretty much out of new local work.

Yes. It’s cooled down some. The temperatures never came close to yesterday’s predicted high. But, I think I just wanted a continued break. Or, you could call it an excuse. So, I did stuff around the house. I’m still trying to figure out how to cool the pool down. Nature, may intervene with that. Water is supposed to fall from the sky in the form of what appears to be a pretty big storm. We’ll see. Yeah, yeah. I know. A First World problem.


I dipped back into the big New Mexico project. I like this picture. It’s a road picture. Truly. In the old days, this would be called an overall scene setter. If it was printed on something like a magazine page, it would have to be used huge. It’s too bad that I can’t show it to you as big as it should be. Oops… that’s just WordPress. I could switch  formats within WordPress. There are some that really feature the main picture. But… it looks to me like it’s harder for you to comment or even like a picture. I’ll test it a little.

This picture. I made it on a crest of Old Route 66 west of the Sandias and Albuquerque. Route 66, around this area, is also called State Route 333. That’s good. It’s half of 666. That could get a little scary. Heh! The highway to the right is I-40. If you are traveling out this way, you have choices. You can take I-40 and blast straight through to Albuquerque, which to me, has always been a gateway to the far west. Or, you can meander around a bit, explore and take Route 66 into the city. You could get your kicks. You could actually take your time. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy yourself. Eat local food.

Stuff like that.



    • Hi Charlie. It doesn’t really have to be all that long. Straight down through LV and into Arizona. Turn left and go To Seligman, AZ. One of the hearts of the old route.


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