Left in the weeds.
Left in the weeds.

Yes. 124 degrees. F. That’s what the heat index was in New Orleans yesterday. Today, it will be a much more brisk and refreshing 115 degrees. Yes. You read that right. Both times.

Oh goody.

It’s too hot to work. I’m running out of fresh pictures. This one is a deep select from a couple of days ago. I try to make pictures for Storyteller every two days. That ain’t happening. Sometimes I run into a little block when even my usual tricks won’t help me. Sometimes, I get busy with actual paying work. Or travel. But, not this time. I’m chomping at the bit. I’ll tell you something. I’m not even sure how these new high-powered digital cameras work in this kind of heat. Digital processing within the camera itself generates heat. I suppose that they will be okay if I don’t hold my finger down on the button. Since I don’t do that, they should be fine.


Life around here is miserable. The dogs like to swim in the pool. The humans like to swim in the pool. Not right now. I took the pool’s temperature. 95 degrees. Who wants to swim in that? I don’t even know how to cool it down. Most pools come with heaters. For the days when it gets cold. Even down here. But some kind of air conditioner? I’ve never heard of such a thing. A friend of mine suggested 50 pound blocks of ice. Maybe later, when this heat spell ends. Now? They’ll just melt.

I went to the grocery store. I parked in the shade, under a tree. That was good for the car. Not for me. My three-minute walk across the store’s parking lot was unbearable. All that heat on pavement. It felt like 178 degrees.

This picture. One of my tricks. Camera on the ground, pointed up slightly. Tilted slightly. Cameras with articulated LCDs are great for this. I don’t have to be on the ground with the camera. I tinkered with the picture in post production. I made it sort of grungy, beat up and ruined.

Wish me luck. Cooling luck. One of these days these record-setting intense heat will break. Then, we’ll have a big storm. Sideways rain.

Even that sounds good to me right about now.