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Hey You

Another view of the magical church.

Another view of the magical church.

This is all mamamickterry’s fault. She was the only person who wanted to see the “other” version of the church reflections. She’s always been kind to me and her blog is an exercise in wonderful light-hearted writing. So, I thought, “Why not?”

Go to Lipstick and Laundry at and see for yourself. You probably want to start reading with “Misadventures in Tennessee,” which is a hoot. Especially to all of us who travel for a living. Or, part of a living.

One more thing before I get to the picture. She was one of a small group of people who tweeted about my 5,000th blog trying to get WordPress to notice and maybe give this blog a little love with Freshly Pressed. It didn’t work. But, the thought was there. I’m pretty convinced that WordPress is really for writers… and foodies. After all, everybody is a photographer. So, they say. And, everybody has to eat. That’s why an old friend of mine opened a restaurant. Who knows?


This picture. I generally explore whatever it is that I’m photographing. I don’t have any set routine while I’m actually taking the picture. I generally sort of finish when I’m done. I could make the picture in one frame. Or, ten. Or, twenty. From a lot of different angles. Or, from one if I see the picture clearly. That doesn’t really matter. How do I know when I’m done? I don’t really. I just sort of know. Like how your dog knows when you are on your way home way before you turn down your street. How does your dog know? I have no idea. But, she just knows. Or, he does. Or, they do.

By the way, this really doesn’t have a lot to do with my sort of three-hour limit before I run out of energy. A scene like this one just fits into that time. It certainly didn’t take me three hours to explore this church.


How do I pick the “right” picture? First, I’m not in a great rush to curate or work on my pictures unless I have a client deadline. I like to let them marinate. For at least a day or two. Sometimes longer. That takes whatever emotion I felt while I was taking the picture out of the selection process. I learned that about a billion years ago. Then I work on post production. I let the picture guide me. Sometimes, I pretty much leave the picture as I took it. With just some slight improvements. Like a little sharpening. Or, brightening.  Sometimes, I push things in post production. Like I did with this picture. I made this picture all mysterious and moody. Lot’s of work on the computer.

Why is it the second selection?

Sometimes, the answer is very complicated. Not this time. I saw all that wonderful light and clouds reflecting in the window. For me, that’s the picture. This picture doesn’t have that. It’s not a bad picture. It’s just not what drew me to the scene.





  1. Thank you, Ray.
    For the photo, for the shout-out and for a peek into your creative process.
    I let photos sit for a long time, but for all of the wrong reasons. You have a purpose, a method, and a mission and I love what your lens and creativity lets us see.
    I can’t even pick a favorite of yours because they each bring something different to the viewer…as I’m sure they do to the artist.
    You are so kind to follow through with your promise to share photo #2 and I love the title “Hey You” – it jumped out at me in a very cluttered inbox full of e-mail. It felt like it was just for me…turned out that it kinda was 😉


    • Thank you for you always kind words. And, I did tell you that you’d be sorry. 🙂 Rather than give up on WP, I may just redesign Storyteller. We’ll see.

      Some day, I’ll tell you where “Hey You” really came from.


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