Sunday Reflections

Uptown Church
Uptown Church

Sunday reflections.

Pretty clever, eh?

You know. Sunday. A day of rest. A day of prayer. A day of meditation. A day to reflect.

Okay, okay. Not so clever, but…

That marvelous sunset that I chased the other night IS reflecting in the church window. I think that it is more dramatic being captured in the dark glass of the church window. I think the reflection looks as good as it does because the window is very new, very dark glass, sealed and installed properly… because on a day like today — when the heat index is 115F — it takes an enormous amount of air conditioning to keep the church somewhat cool. You don’t want the cold air leaking into the street where it will not cool anyone down. BTW, the church is located across the street from Saturday’s picture of the “Sears” house.

The picture. Yes. I did some work in post production. I wanted to make the image dreamy and a little moody. I made a second picture, photographed from the other direction that is far more moody and almost magical. But, the sunset doesn’t reflect in the window as well as this does. If you’d like to see it, post in comments. I’ll make it the Monday post. I normally don’t do that. Less is more. And, I do try to stick close to the picture’s intent.


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