New Orleans. Louisiana. At dusk. On a very hot rainy and humid evening. I know what you’re thinking. If it’s raining, why isn’t the highway wet? Good question. Simple answer. What falls down, must go up. We’d have rain. Heat. Humidity. The streets would dry out. Causing more humidity. At a certain point, rain falls again. Then… […]

I did the right thing. With all of the Hurricane Katrina memorial events taking place all over New Orleans on Saturday, I decided to photograph one. Just one. And, to do the very best job that I could. After talking to a few of my friends and seeing others’ posts on various social media, I’m convinced […]

Yesterday was August 28th. It was exactly ten years ago that we evacuated the city. Today, I will photograph the last of my ten-year anniversary pictures. There will be a massive Hurricane Katrina memorial second line parade that will start at Jourdan and North Galvez Streets at the levee. It will wind through the 9th Ward and […]

The President came yesterday. Yes. Barack Obama. The President of The United States. He visited the Lower 9th Ward, Treme, The Lafitte Housing Projects and Willie Mae’s Scotch House. The last stop was for lunch. I didn’t photograph him. Been there. Done that. I’d rather continue documenting what I see. And, trying to explain what […]

Iberville Housing Projects. They were built in 1940 as part of the Wagner Act,  a Federal plan to subsidize housing for  low-income families. They were low-rise, built of brick in the super block configurations that were considered attractive and modern in their time. By the 1970s most of them had deteriorated to the point where they […]

Shell Beach. Lake Borgne. MRGO. Of all the places I’ve visited and revisited on this journey through the past, this place is the most poignant. 163 people are memorialized here. This place is truly sacred ground. Do I really need to say more? St. Bernard Parish was nearly wiped off the map. The storm surge was 25 […]

St. Roch Market. When I photographed it, it was not my intent to use it as a symbol of how far New Orleans has come in recovery. Or, how far we have to go. After thinking about it, it really is the perfect jumping off point for that discussion. First, a bit of history. St. […]

The first one. The first second line of the 2015 – 2016 season. It happens to fall in the middle of my two weeks of Hurricane Karina stories. That’s fine. It’s about a neighborhood that was flooded by the storm. It’s about the people who live there. It’s about their celebration. It’s also about a social […]

Yes. Ten years. Some buildings are still in a state of limbo. I don’t know everybody’s story. I can’t possibly know. But, when I stumble across a house that I can actually enter without breaking into it, I like to explore. Even though it’s pretty obvious what I’m looking at, often I don’t know why I’m looking […]