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Clean The Pool…

Leaves, Water, Night

Leaves, Water, Night

… she said. “Why?” I asked in my best Homer Simpson voice. “It’ll only get dirty again.”

Besides, I thought it looked pretty good and needed to be photographed first. So that’s what I did. Then, I cleaned the pool. That was after the dogs barked at me and told me that I’d better listen. They didn’t want any trouble in these parts. It is their pool too. Lord knows, they don’t want any leaves floating around in their water. Dogs who think nothing about jumping into a muddy smelly swamp. Those dogs.


It is probably better to clean the pool at night. The temperature dropped from about 200 degrees to a balmy 98 degrees. That’s the air temperature. I don’t even want to know what the heat index was for the past couple of days. And, one more thing. This is exactly how the summer was ten years ago. Way too hot. The gulf heated up to about 92 degrees. That’s water temperature, not air temperature. Imagine that. You drive to a nice beach somewhere on the gulf coast thinking that you can go for a swim and cool off. You jump in the water and it feels like bath water. In your tub. At home. This allows any kind of tropical storm that happens to find its way into the gulf to fuel up and turn into something nasty. Like Hurricane Katrina. Ten years ago.



  1. That’s almost surreal Ray, looks like a painting. One of my favorites.
    Ten years ago I’d just flown in to Biloxi.
    Then the next day I flew right back out.
    Hard to believe it’s been ten years. But some days it seems like twenty.
    My thoughts are with all my Gulf Coast friends this week.


      • I’m kind of ignoring the anniversary. 10 years is long enough I think. I may photograph a place out by Lake Borgne, but that’s about it. I’ve actually passed on a couple of assignments which, in this day and age, is unheard off.


      • Ten year cycle. Anniversaries are what helps fill out a news report. I was a photojournalist, picture editor or DOP for more years than I care to remember. It’s alright.


  2. Christy has it right, your image is almost like a painting. Your blues and golds are onderful. the reflection of the couds almost makes you feel as though your at the bottom of the pool, looking up at the sky. fantastic.


    • Thank you, Tim. If you knew how little time I actually spent on that picture you’s laugh. But, that’s the way it goes sometimes. You get lucky.


      • I agree. It’s a wonderful moment when your best shot of the day seemed effortless. Unfortunately, there are a lot of times when you work hard for the results you are after.

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    • Yes, Anne Marie it does. I still see my memories all the time. I’d like not to, which is one reason I’m staying away from all those “ten years looking back” stories. I lost a house, a car, everything that was in an out building — including a wet darkroom and my parents Christmas ornaments.


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