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Summer Glow

Summer light at dusk.

Summer light at dusk.

Something very new. The first picture that I saw about two minutes after I went out looking around. Luck. Photographer’s luck. Sometimes it happens. Usually it doesn’t. Not that quickly.

The picture. I broke the rules. Into the sun. Heavily back lighted. Very wide lens.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the picture. Enjoy the silence.

The silence didn’t last very long. The bell tolls. They toll for thee… for me. With another mass  movie theater shooting in Lafayette. Louisiana.

Louisiana, the state where I live.

The numbers are shifting. So far three dead. Seven or nine  wounded. Too early to know who was hurt. And, there is strange package in the  shooters car…  news about that later.  All I know is to pray, to make an offering like these flowers, and hang on tightly to your family. It seems that we need a monthly emotional beating to make us feel better… or worse.  When the beating stops.

I’m rambling. Thoughts not fully formed. Tears on my face. Eyes red. Not really grasping the meaning. Realizing that maybe I  never will.

I know one thing. The one word that can save us.




  1. Such an unnecessary tragedy. Not that any tragedy is necessary, but…I don’t know. My heart hurts for Louisiana. We will never understand, because there is no justifiable reasoning for such an action. At least we can still find beauty in this world, I wish more would look for it so that maybe one day we could have peace or at least a lot less destruction.


    • Shawn, I truly believe we are nearing some kind of tipping point. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. But, when i starting to be obvious. In New Orleans, right this minute we are 109/29/32. That means 109 murders. 29 murders over the last 32 days. We had a rolling AK47 gunfight in a fairly good neighborhood in broad daylight a few days ago. It’s all out of control.


  2. Rachel May says

    Really nice photo and reflective write up. My heart is also heavy. Why? Why? Why?
    I shake my head, no, no, no, almost like it’s an instinctual reaction.

    Why do folks with obvious mental illness have access to guns?

    So, like you I look for peace and contentment in Mother Nature. I sit outside, soak up the cloudless blue sky, smell the pine trees, listen to the various birds, gaze at all the green flora, and delight in each flower I see. PEACE


    • Rachel, I’m not anti-gun, but there are just too many guns on the street. They can’t be regulated. So, now that we know this shooter had the USUAL mental issues, how did he manage to get a gun? That’s easy. I know which corner to go to pick up an unlicensed and illegal weapon. Ten minutes and I’m done. For me, this shooting was just the topper. We had a running AK7 gun battle in a fairly good neighborhood in broad daylight (I said that above too) this week. We’ve had steep rise in murders and in violent crime. My heart hurts. I’ve had a three friends say they’d like to come to NOLA in early fall or fall. I’m trying to dissuade them. We have a big house. Everybody is welcome. But, I feel responsible for my guests and I can’t protect them now. I can’t even advise them on which neighborhoods to avoid. I won’t give up, but my hear hurts today.


  3. Ray, I learned this morning that one of the victims is from my hometown. I went to school with her dad and graduated with her aunt. I know the family. It’s a devastating loss. Mayci was only 21. Please keep our little hometown and her family in your thoughts. And thank you for this post.


  4. This Arkansas boy, far removed now in Alaska, is saddened by the shootings that are happening, of late, all over the south. Thank you for your photos bring pause and stillness in a crazy and chaotic world!


    • Thank you, Charley. If you add to that, that we live in New Orleans… a battle zone, where we are averaging a murder a day in July, and where a rolling gunfight broke out twice last week and things are getting pretty weird.


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