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About a Billion Pictures

Royal Street

Royal Street

This place has been photographed about a billion times.

Everybody stops and takes a picture of it. And, I do mean everybody. That is, everybody who visits the French Quarter and especially Royal Street. This old building just sucks everybody right in.

Even me.

I’ve probably photographed it about 500 times. Or more. In all kinds of light. The trick is to either arrive very early in the day, or towards the end of the day when the light turns colors. If you shoot in the white, bright late of mid day, the place is just an old run down building. If you shoot at the ends of the day or in cloudy and rainy conditions, the place turns mysterious and moody. It looks and feels like it belongs on some run down street in Paris. France. Not Texas.

It also helps if you change angles. Everybody — again, me included — usually photographs it kind of at a kitty corner angle so that the front of the building faces the camera. That’s what I did for this picture. I changed angles. I did a little post production to make the picture a little more moody and… there you have it.


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