French Quarter Lights

Lights and window reflections.
Lights and window reflections.

A little light. A little reflection. A little gold.

That’s what I saw while I was strolling up Royal Street. In the French Quarter.

That’s also what happens when I walk. A route. With a poodle. He knows where to go. He takes me there. When we get there, he knows to be a little patient. Then off we go. Again.

This place is located just across the street from that falling apart old apartment building that people — like me, for instance — photograph from the corner. It’s famous for falling down. You can see a bit of it reflecting in the window.

By the way, I have no idea who that person is in the window. Whoever she is, she’s enjoying the light show.

The picture, itself. I guess I shot it at about f 5.6. That’s where I like to work most of the time on these walks. Everything else. Hmmm…  It’s pretty much as you see it. No tricks.


  1. Images like this one with lots of detail look tremendous when seen full screen by clicking on them. All the minutiae then become vivid and alive. Magic multiplied.


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