Makin’ Po’ Boys

Working in the kitchen.
Working in the kitchen.

This is my kind of portrait. There are all kinds of portraits. Some are very formal. Some are a little more casual. Some are a little more like photojournalism. There are all sorts of other styles and genres. Then, there are environmental portraits. Those are portraits that shows a person in his environment. Hopefully, they are made in the moment.

This is one of those.

I’d like to call this guy a chef. But, he’s holding french bread. He’s making a po’ boy. Likely, he’s reaching into a pot or skillet for either roast beef or some kind of cooked shrimp. He’s a cook. I’ll bet he’s proud of that. Cooking is hard, hot work. It’s honest work. This is a guy who is earning his living. In a commercial kitchen.

I notice stuff. His kitchen is spotless. He’s well-trained. If I’m a betting guy, I’d say that he was trained at Cafe Reconcile. It is a wonderful restaurant that was created to train young men and women who were considered to be at risk. It’s located in Central City. They learn how to cook, run the back of the house, the front of the house, how to manage an entire restaurant. They go on to good jobs and great careers.

If you ever find yourself looking for a good — no, make the great — lunch, head over to Cafe Reconcile. You won’t be disappointed. This is no advertisement. Just me writing. Rambling around.


  1. Thanks, John. The interesting thing is that I’ve been working hard to loosen my framing. That goes completely against my instincts. Besides, I kind of like all those repeating circles. 🙂


    1. I agree. A few year ago another place that is similar was started called Liberty Kitchen. Both are heavily sponsored by Loyola University, a Catholic school from which I earned a Master’s Degree.


      1. Yes it is. That’s what universities do… sometimes. This one just got a little more practical about. They also have an amazing music department. So many great New Orleans musicians — mostly jazz — pass through there.


      2. State universities were practically free – not anymore, fees ary really high nowadays, long story, university education ia a business like any other competing to attract the best students, there’s not much space to think social or to develop really valid community projects, it’s a long story, but of course exceptions can be found!


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