St. Charles Avenue Streetcar
St. Charles Avenue Streetcar

Even though we use them to commute through a lot of New Orleans, people come from all over the world to ride the streetcars. They are a tourist attraction for many people. They are a great way to see Uptown New Orleans. They are a great way to travel to our two major parks — City Park and Audubon Park. They are a great way to ride to two universities — Tulane and Loyola. Eventually, new tracks will get you to the 9th Ward.

Essentially, there are two lines. There are the green cars which are the oldest design and run mostly through Uptown. They do not have air conditioning. And, the red line. Much more modern while still looking old. Their route is along the river, up Canal Street and eventually to City Park. They do have air conditioning. You can easily tell the difference. The green line cars are painted green. Guess what color the red line cars are painted.

Right now, the Uptown streetcar tracks are torn up at three major intersections. Improvements are being made to the drainage systems. So, if you want to ride the green cars, you get on, get off, ride a bus, get off the bus and get back on the streetcar. This is the second time in two summers that the tracks have been torn up and the work completed. And, torn up. Even though there is funding and timing issues, there is an underlying reason for summertime work. Mardi Gras. The folks who run the city really do want the streetcars to be running during Carnival Season. Big tourist bucks. You know. Of course, summer work means that hurricane evacuation routes are pretty blocked up. Especially for those of us who live Uptown.

Oh well.

The picture. It’s a long exposure at about f5.6 as blue hour takes over the light. The camera is hand-held, rather than braced using a tripod. As usual, I wasn’t exactly prepared for this scene. At least I wasn’t driving as I shot it. Heh!


  1. Hi Ray, it looks like one of those shots that you have to grab, no matter the consequences. Purists don’t always like this approach but to me this is what photography is about. I really should get out at dusk more as there’s no chance of me seeing the dawn!


  2. I’m kind of lazy too. But, even in the old pre-digital help days, I mostly just braced myself and let stuff happen in front of the camera. Mirrorless have cameras have made that even easier.


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