Golden Light

Holt Cemetery.
Holt Cemetery.

Holt Cemetery.

A former cemetery for the indigent.

It is unique in New Orleans because burials are underground rather than above ground in crypts. It is unique too, because as long as the family keeps the grave neat and maintained they can keep the gravesite forever. But, that doesn’t happen much these days. It is also a little different because most of the graves are decorated in very folky ways with hand-made art and mementos. Because of that and the tilting grave markers it can get a little spooky around here.

Of course, the light helps in this picture. Pick your time I always say. Even if you are just visiting, you can always come back to a location when the light is better. Especially, if you are on a photo vacation. And, speaking of just visiting, this is not a place that many tourists find. I’m not even sure that many tourists go to this neighborhood. Navarre. I bet you never heard of it. It’s not very hidden. It’s pretty much in plain sight.




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