My Neighborhood

Uptown Street.
Uptown Street.

This is one of the streets on the circuit. Circuit? Yes. The dog walking circuit. Lucky dogs. Lucky humans, too.

This is what happens in the summer around this place. Rain. Humidity. Hot weather. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It’s like living in a hothouse. Everything grows. Things that you want to grow. Things that, well, not so much.

This picture also illustrates the condition of the streets in our little town. See the gray thing on the bottom? That’s the curb. It was poured sometime in the early 1800s. The tree and that rise of land is what is normally a little strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk. Tree roots did that. They also cracked the street, which is now just a series of open potholes.

This may be pretty, but it’s also creating havoc with the people who live here.



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