Lafayette Cemetery No 1.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 at sunset.
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 at sunset.

Cemeteries and me.

I really don’t think that I have any kind of death fixation. Nor, do I think that much about my end. I just sort of like these places.  Old stuff. Moody places. Broken down buildings.

That said, publishing this picture today was partially inspired by a fellow blogger who traveled to New Orleans. Apparently, he and his wife had dinner at Commander’s Place, which is a few blocks from my house. He was wanting to wander around this cemetery — Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. He couldn’t because the gates close at 5pm on most days. That’s true. In most cases.


If you know that you really want to wander around a cemetery after 5pm, you can call one of two groups and ask if the gates can be kept open for you. Usually, they can. You can call SOC. They are a preservation group called Save Our Cemeteries. They can help. Or, you can call the Catholic Church administration offices and ask them. They take care of daily operations at the famous, historic cemeteries. They will help. Both may ask for a donation. So what? If you really want to roam around at sunset or after dark, a few dollars will not stop you. You should probably also tip the gatekeeper. After all, he is going to be late for dinner. I usually offer a print or two to whoever I asked to keep the gates open.

One more thing, you should probably schedule this is advance of your planned visit. A lot of film and television production companies like to work in the cemeteries. They come first because they spend a lot of money. So do the big organized tour groups. Currently, Lafayette No. 1 seems to be a favorite of NCIS/NOLA. Not this weekend though. They are blowing up something in their studios on Saturday. And, they are closing the Crescent City Connection — one of the bridges that cross the Mississippi River to the Westbank — on Sunday morning. No. I don’t have any special connections to their production teams. They tweet and tell the local newspapers so that people don’t worry when they hear something go BLAMMO or can’t cross the bridge.

I don’t really care about the bridge being closed. But, I’d like to see something explode. Insert evil grin here. Right here.

The picture. They — whoever they are — tell you not to photograph directly into the sun. Well. Sheesh. Now they tell me. I do it all the time. Use a wider lens and just stop down some so that you can get some shape to the specular highlight created by the sun and away you go. The more that you stop down, the more shape you get. But… that also means a slower the shutter speed. You have to balance things a little bit. Sort of like life.


  1. this is just so serene and beautiful! I am planning a cross country trip soon and it is taking me right through that area, was not sure what exactly was around there. I am now more excited! this looks very interesting, speaking of NCIS I fancy myself an abbey aficionado. very happy I cam across this post!


    1. You don’t know New Orleans? 🙂 A little googling before you travel will help. We are generally the number 1 or 2 travel destination in the country, almost every year. BTW, Abbey does not appear on NCIS/NOLA. They have their own nerd.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Googling I will do then, and I have not been to NOLA ever this will be my first time there. and Im sure they do but I dont think anyone can outshine Abbey.


      2. Abbey? One of our Cocker Spaniels? She is pretty enjoyable. 🙂 And, very pretty.

        Let me know if you need any help figuring out the city. For now, I’ll just say, don’t spend all your time in the French Quarter.


  2. wonderful photos in your blog. I like this one a lot, too as I’m a fan of old cemeteries, too and have made a lot of fotos there. Thanks for visiting my blog, regards Mitza


  3. #1 is one of my favorite spots. The urge to return keeps growing. Thanks for the great images and the stories you share. Off to Kauai next week. Maybe next spring.


  4. Admittedly, I clicked on this purely after reading “Lafayette” (like Mrs. Dubose Lafayette) and with Harper Lee’s sequel. Quite a turbulent topic so I shall stay away from that.
    Loved the picture and your words definitely are food for thought. Got me re-evaluating my morbid mortality. Cheers, hope you will stop by my blog if you have the time


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