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Strolling and Seeing.

The things that you see along the way.

The things that you see along the way.

You know what I think.

It’s better to walk than drive when you are looking for pictures. And, even though I get a little lazy sometimes, it’s better to explore than stay in familiar surroundings. That is, unless you are waiting for something like light, a person or a moment. This picture came from the French Quarter. Yes, I go on photo strolls there a lot. But, this picture came from a sort of non-touristy area where I rarely go. Let me rephrase that. I go to a lot of non-touristy areas in the Quarter. Just not this one.

The picture. There’s a lot going on. It’s hard to tell this, but it’s a reflection of a reflection. It’s so reflected that the type in the middle bottom is correct. You can read it. New Orleans. It says.

These things can be a little hard to photograph. It’s hard not to include myself. Try as you might, in a reflected picture you generally pop up somewhere. Even though most pictures are about the artist, I’d prefer not to actually be in the picture.



  1. What I like about this picture is the sudden variance in color with the reflection. There is some beautiful harmony in the colors and the shapes as well. Well done!

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  2. Nah. I never look at my own pictures. 🙂 That would be scary. Seriously, in my earlier career I made a lot of pictures like that. Van Gogh was a genius. I just see stuff. 🙂


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