Weird Windows

Store window in the French Quarter.
Store window in the French Quarter.

Oh, I dunno.

This is what happens when you walk. When you look in windows. At details.

I’ll let you guess which kind of spiritual belief this group of icons represents. It may not be what you are thinking.

For those of you who are wondering about avoiding reflection in glass, it’s pretty simple. If you don’t want reflections just take the lens hood off and press the lens against the window. No external side light. No reflections. It also works like sort of a tripod. At least, sort of a brace. You can work at lower shutter speeds. And, slightly higher f stops.

One more thing. Since I rarely chimp — that is, look at the LCD to see how the picture “came out” — I often shoot a little more than might be necessary. Then, I edit. Or, cull. Or, curate. Whatever you want to call it. Even if I took — oh, let’s say ten pictures to get this one — one is what I’ll show you. Less is more. I come from an era before digital. An era when paper cost money. Publishing space was prime real estate. You picked the best picture. The rest went into your files.

Oh yeah. Chimping? Why don’t I do it? It breaks my shooting flow. I’d rather explore and interact with the subject than look to see if somehow I managed to take the picture. That’s important. Especially if you are working with people.

That’s all for today.



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