Rain & Other Stuff

Blossoms on the Street.
Blossoms on the Street.

A little inspiration.

My writing usually comes from something that I’ve read or saw a day or two before I publish a post. Whatever new information I picked up spins around in my brain for a bit and comes back out in the form of a few comments on Storyteller.

Normally I write about whatever is on my mind then I talk about the picture. I’m going to reverse that. You’ll figure out way. I think.

This is one of those pictures that I made on the way to someplace else. In New Orleans. On the street. At this time of year, hurricane season is upon us. Even with no major storms lurking in the gulf, it is still the rainy season. It is still monsoon season. The weather changes hourly. No. Make that every fifteen minutes. Or, five minutes. First, it’s hot. A little wind blows. Rain falls. The humidity breaks. Then it gets worse. Then the cycle repeats. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


I ran into a friend of mine. A fellow photographer. He was soaked. I said, “Man, you look hot.” He replied, “I just got rained on.” I replied to that, “Oh, so you are evaporating.” We both laughed. That’s how it is. You’re soaked from above while you are standing on one street. Cross the street and you are soaked from below.

That’s how this picture came to be. One street was soaked. From above. I saw the blossoms that had been knocked to the ground by the hard rain. Oooh. Oooh. Oooh.

The picture would never have been this dramatic if the pavement wasn’t darkened by the rain. The blossoms would not have been on the ground. And, the picture wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have a camera with me. At most times. Everywhere.

As National Geographic photographer Sam Abell once said, “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.”

Never forget that.



  1. “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.” Amen to that. And not just pictures…my creative Muses tend to visit when my “weather” is at its most volatile.
    Good words to ponder and a beautiful shot too.


      1. My muses ride on broomsticks so flying is a fitting word. 🙂

        Hey, been meaning to invite you to guest-post if you ever have a story that you want to tell somewhere other than here. No rush; open invitation. If so, feel free to email me anytime. -c


  2. They would have liked it when I wrote that… the sky darkened to the point that the outdoor lights came on. Then,,, thunder, lightening and sidewise rain. But, it cooled the temperature down to about 75. That is a real treat this time of year.

    I’d love to guest post. Can we trade?


  3. Lovely shot! I agree, but for me inspiration to write comes more from people I have sessions with, rather than from reading. But I guess I talk to people more than that I read.

    I am not sure if hurricanes are great, but you are absolutely right, the shots get better of the rain get worse!

    Happy shooting and kind regards,


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