Taking Pictures

The joy of pictures
The joy of pictures.

This is it.

This is my photo lesson for the week. For you. For myself.

Look at her. Look at the happiness on her face. She’s having a good time.

For those of you who follow Storyteller and are a fellow photographer, this is it. Photography is fun. It’s not a struggle.

Yes. There is a learning curve. Yes, you’ll make mistakes. Yes, you’ll blow the decisive moment. I deal with all of those things. That’s part of the fun.

More importantly, it doesn’t matter what gear you use. It doesn’t matter at what level you consider yourself to be. It’s fun.

The picture. Well, I worked for that framing. I worked for the layers. And… as usual, there is a certain amount of luck involved. That little smartphone flash is real. It’s not added in post production. There is no way that I could have known when she pushed the button. Now, THAT’S luck…



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