On My Way Back

Happy to see each other.
Happy to see each other.

I just had to.

I had to come out on Sunday. I had to be part of the Perfect Gentlemen Father’s Day second line. I had to make pictures because last week was very, very hard. A lot of people left the planet. In New Orleans. And, in Charleston. Some I knew. Some I wished that I knew. My way of honoring them and mourning for them is to do what I do best. I don’t really do that much. I take pictures. I write a little bit.

I’m doing both. For them. For me.

For me. It was a little more than an offering.

As you know, I haven’t been all that well. There are two issues. They are unrelated. Supposedly.

One was repairable. I did that. I’m supposed to walk a little. About fifteen minutes, four times a day. That is, until I get stronger and the repair heals. Then, I should walk more. Until I’m somewhat normal. I’m not so sure my doctor meant that I should walk about four miles, sometimes backwards and sometimes at a jog, in typical New Orleans summer heat.  While I was walking, back stepping and jogging in the parade my repair felt fine. But, on my return back to where I parked that changed a little. Well, a lot. I hurt. I’ve rested some and I feel better. The other issue is chronic and forever. They tell me that I’m probably one of the lucky ones because it will likely never progress. Now. The data is with me. I guess that time will tell.

The pictures.

Yep. I was right in the middle of things. Right where I like to be. And the middle was kind of messy. Normally, a second line starts from a building. Could be a house. A bar. A club. A cafe. This time, it just sort of started in the middle of the street. The band started it playing. DAM — Dignified Achievable Men Social & Pleasure Club — just sort of assembled and started walking from the middle of nowhere. The ladies — CIA Ladies Social & Pleasure Club — where not pleased. They ended up walking through what amounted to an uncontrolled crowd. Then things fell into place. I’d say, “like normal.” But, this is New Orleans. We aren’t normal.

I’ll post more pictures throughout the week. Sunday was a good day. You should see the pictures.

Hugs and happiness.
Hugs and happiness.
Reaching out, Fathers Day Second Line, CentralCity, New Orleans.
Reaching out, Fathers Day Second Line, CentralCity, New Orleans.
Finding out loud.
Finding out loud.

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