Hollygrove. Four.


It’s been a rough week around here. Aside from the horrible murders in Charleston, we lost three people who made a difference in New Orleans.

Harold Baquet. Harold Battiste. Daryle Holloway.

A photographer. A musician. A police officer.

Cancer on Friday. Lengthy illness following a stroke on Friday. Killed in the line of duty on Saturday.

I’m not going to write too much more. Please go to NOLA.com and look around. I’ll just add that I ramble around a lot. I cross paths with a lot of people. I knew these three men. Just a little. But, that’s enough. My world was a better place.

So. These pictures are about them. They contributed to the city. This is my contribution. They did what they did best. This is what I do best.

Later today, I’ll photograph a second line. I’ll see what I can do. It’s the first one since I’ve been repaired.   I’m a little achy. And, I’m not very fast. I do have more mobility than I did when I made the “blue” picture. But, you know what I always say. The work is the prayer.

Peace, y’all.

Burning street.
Burning street.
Nothing works.
Nothing works.


    1. Yes. Photographing today’s second line helped. I’ll write more for tomorrow’s post. But, I got to talk to a couple of the usual NOPD who help manage the parades and tell them how sorry I was. I guess I’l be going to other events this week, as well. They matter.

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