Accidental Picture

Summertime Greens
Summertime Greens

Yes. Accidental.

I wanted to photograph that bridge in the background. That’s the Crescent City Connection. Normally, I would have just walked across that field.


That land is being developed into yet another tourist destination. That’s fine. The city needs the money. I’d like the pot holes in front of my house fixed. I’d like more police patrols. It takes money. However, I did not expect that field to be fenced off quite yet. Looking at the light and that background, you know I was a little disappointed. Never mind. I did what I could.

I photographed the beautiful green summer growth in the foreground. I letΒ the background fall out of focus. Way out of focus. That, my friends, is bokeh. The way it’s intended. There is shape and form. You know what it is even though it is soft. It’s almost painterly.

You know what?

Sometimes things happen for a reason. This might very well be a better picture than the one I wanted to take.



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  1. This is gorgeous! Bokeh is my favorite and love that it can be obtained without any fancy apps or tricks. It just takes a different perspective and adjustment of expectation – just as you described. Come to think about it, adjusting expectation and perspective works well for living life, too.


  2. Thank you. I hate to say it but, bokeh is a really over used Japanese word which means “blur” or “haze” or just the out of focus part of a picture. Stop down to anything at below F4 and you’ll have it. It guess it’s a good thing that I have no expectations. Heh.


  3. Bokeh is a new term to me, but it sounds a lot like my life, haha.
    Beautiful shot, and yeah, who knows what would’ve could’ve happened had the fence not been up yet, with the shot or otherwise even.


    • It’s been around since the dawn of Kanji. But, a few years ago it got trendy among westerners. There is a YouTube site called DigitalRev in which the presenter, Kai Wong comes from the Top Gear school of television. He says Bokeh in his Canto-English way of talking with a definitely large dose of snark… I’ve been that place pre-fence. That particular night just had the right light. In a few days, I should be right again. Maybe I’ll get the light again and just climb the fence.

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  4. I love this picture too. I’m so glad you had this ‘accident’ πŸ™‚
    As you may already be aware, we hardly use the actual term ‘bokeh’ here…at least in daily life. I first heard of it (in the photographic context) when I started visiting English-language blogs πŸ˜€

    As always, thank you for sharing,


    • Thanks for your kind words, Takami. You know what? That’s what I thought. It may be a Japanese word, but it’s a western construct as far it applies to photography. You’ve made my day. πŸ™‚


      • Thank you, kind sir πŸ˜€
        I know that Japanese are just as ‘guilty’ (for lack of better word) of doing the same with certain English & other borrowed words. I personally enjoy how sometimes words are used differently by different people – just like how ‘Chinese’ cuisine is so different depending on where you’re eating it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • Melanie, where I come from we say, “Don’t take the picture, let the picture take you.” And, ‘Sometimes the hardest part about taking a picture is just getting there.” Pretty powerful when they are used together.


  5. Takami, the thing about “bokeh” is that it has become it’s own “thing. “I have some people ask me about bokeh photography as if it where its own genre. So true about Chinese food. πŸ™‚ In the United States it is very different from the food I used to eat in Hong Kong and that is very different from the food on the mainland.


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