Hollygrove Again

Still not repaired.
Still not repaired.

Back to work. Sometimes seeing these not-yet-repaired neighborhoods is a good thing. It’s a reminder. Sometimes, not so much. This set of pictures is one of the latter. It too, is a reminder.

This place is still struggling. It’s an odd side of a neighborhood called Hollygrove. It’s about as far as you can go in upriver Orleans Parish, and still be in town. A few streets further and you are in Metairie and that means Jefferson Parish. I’m not going to get into the ten years thing today, but look at this place. There are holes in some of these houses. The bottom picture shows what remains of a Katrina Cross. It’s so weather-beaten — ten years will do that — that I can’t read it. But, it told other early responders who searched the house, what they found and when they came. Sheesh, nature is taking over. Bushes are growing INSIDE the old house.

The middle picture is even more disconcerting. That is, assuming sneakers tossed over a power wire still means what it used to… those wires cross a corner. Shoes on the wires used to mean this is a drug corner. You can buy whatever you need there. Maybe street language has changed some. I doubt it. However, I didn’t see anybody hanging out. But, I wasn’t looking all that hard. They might have been looking at me and decided I didn’t look the part. You know, taking pictures and all.

This looks like one of those neighborhoods that might never come back. Supposedly, it was in pretty good shape before the storm. But… ten years. Not much progress. Not a good thing.

Hanging sneakers.
Hanging sneakers.
Katrina cross
Katrina cross


  1. Shaking my head as I read your words. Such a shame.
    We used to go to the Biloxi casinos quite often and it amazed me how fast they cleaned and rebuilt the coast line, but go in two blocks and it was utter devastation. Clean up the money areas for appearances while everyone else was left to fend for themselves. Something wrong with that.


    1. That’s right… sort of. Cities need that money to repair themselves. We certainly do. I sort of talk about that in tomorrow’s post. Tourist money matters to us. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that government at all levels is pretty corrupt so the money never gets to where it should go. BTW, that particular neighborhood is in an odd place. It may never be fully repaired. Yet, two blocks away in Jefferson Parish it looks like there never was a storm.


  2. So sad to see, this is STILL the case.
    I just visited a friend in September and stayed mostly in Metairie and on the Westbank in Waggaman. Was only there for a couple days to go to a wedding…so I didn’t make it in to any of these areas.


    1. Hi. Remember, one of our nicknames is the “City that Care Forgot.” Stuff has been falling down for years. Owners who can’t afford repairs enough to sell a property often do something called demo by neglect. Once building gets close to falling down the city comes along and tears it down. The storm just hurried some of that up.

      As far as your visit goes. You came to visit your friend and celebrate something wonderful. You had no reason to go into some of these neighborhoods. Some aren’t all that safe. So, that’s my job. I’ll show them to you. 🙂


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