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Arriving in style.

Arriving in style.

This picture has just about everything. The start of a second line parade. The queen and her court. A big confused crowd. A streetcar.

A foot.

Now that the second line season is meandering to its conclusion, I thought I would show you a few pictures of parades gone by. Pictures that you haven’t seen. We’ll start with this one and go from here.

This picture is only a couple of weeks old. The Devine Ladies were arriving is style. In Limousines. On St. Charles Avenue. Some just opened the door and got out of their cars. Other ladies were a little more showy. Like this one. She came out dancing.

Since parades happen on Sundays, I’m going to take an educated guess and say that all those people in the streetcar are tourists. Contrary to popular belief, streetcars are not a tourist attraction. They are part of our public transportation system. Residents ride them on their daily commute. If this picture had been made on a week day the people on board would have been going to work. And, there wouldn’t be a crowd on the street milling about.

So… Lucky tourists.

They had no idea when they boarded the streetcar that they were going to see a New Orleans tradition. A second line parade. Very cool for them.

The picture. Really not much too it. Stand in the right place and eventually you get lucky. I try very hard to stand in the right place.

Unless one of the postponed parades try to regroup and walk on an open date, there are only two more left in the season. June 21st for Father’s Day and The Uptown Swingers on June 28th. If you remember, the pictures from last year’s Uptown Swingers second line feature a huge rain storm and my dancing pal on the scene. A young woman dressed in a white dress, wearing white running shoes and dancing between the rain drops.

More joy.



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