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Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Remember that big storm? The one the dumped four inches of rain in an hour? The one that caused flooding all over the place?

This is what it looked like as it rolled in.

I had an errand to run out near the airport. I took the secret way. It really isn’t that secret. It does keep me off of the interstate which always has too much traffic. And, it really never gets that jammed up. Once, the plan was for it to run all the way from New Orleans to the airport which is about 12 miles away. Like all things New Orleans, it got sidetracked. Now it can’t be done. Too much building has been done in the intervening years.

Oh well.

The picture. I know I’ll be asked. So… there is plenty of post production going on here. I darkened it. I added a little color. I improved the contrast. I let the trees darken to the point of being silhouetted. And, I scrubbed the road to make it a little brighter. I darkened the edges.

Happy end of the week to those of you who have ends of weeks.



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