Once again. I was sort of stuck. In the middle. But, that put me a pretty good position to continue my graphic explorations.


I made a blue picture. I made a silhouette. The young man’s glasses helped. So, did the hat. A lot. It gives you a sense of shape.

So what about blue?

Joni Mitchell wrote a song about it. She wrote it in 1970. It’s not really about the color. It’s more like a poem than a song. But, much of her work is like that. This picture really isn’t about the color either. It’s about a parade. Or, about a feeling. Sort of like the song. An emotion more than a document.

But, blue. It’s complex. It means a lot of things to a lot of different cultures. Peace. Royalty. Optimism. Loyalty. Faith. Health. Spiritualism.

It goes on.

We live on the blue planet.

I have blue eyes.




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