Somehow… I Ended Up In The Band

Behind the tuba.
Behind the tuba.

That’s right. Somehow.

I haven’t been working on the streets in a while. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. After missing a few events that I should have photographed, I decided that come hell or high water, I was going to work this second line. Ironically, we got the high-water. We had one of those biblical storms that dropped somewhere around four inches of rain in an hour. Streets flooded. Cars sank. People paddled around some streets in kayaks.

This parade passed by before that happened.

I decided not to be quite as aggressive as I normally am when I photograph these parades. That worked out fine. I could actually see pictures happening in front of me. Sometimes, it’s like being a batter in baseball. I press the button on anticipation of the moment. That’s hard enough to do when you are swinging at a baseball. But, it’s really hard to do when people are singing and dancing. On Sunday, I could see really well. Everything slowed down. I was in the zone.

Of course, that meant that somehow I joined the band rather than stay ahead of it. That was fun. Normally, I work very hard to let the band come to me. That means I’m running to stay out ahead of them. I switched gears. Rather than focus on faces, I just walked with the musicians just as if I was playing an instrument. I started seeing graphic shapes and reflections.

You’re looking at the result. What do y’all think?



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