A little inspiration. My writing usually comes from something that I’ve read or saw a day or two before I publish a post. Whatever new information I picked up spins around in my brain for a bit and comes back out in the form of a few comments on Storyteller. Normally I write about whatever […]

This is a symbol. An icon. There’s been a lot of debate in The United States about symbols, flags and meanings. It started with murders. In New Orleans, it has gotten strange, with the mayor wanting to remove statues. Some people are cheering. Others are appalled. This picture isn’t about any of that. I’m not […]

I was talking about not having to go anywhere special to take pictures. That was yesterday. Today is a different day. But, it’s the same sort of topic. It’s about your picture and being aware of pictures around you. Let’s say you do travel. I do. Sometimes too much. I get stuck in airports. Stuck […]

It just must have been the day. A little weird. It seemed that in every blog, on every photography website and even the couple of paper magazines that I read, the main writer was talking about having to go someplace far away in order to take pictures. Or, being completely unprepared when they saw something that caught […]

This is it. This is my photo lesson for the week. For you. For myself. Look at her. Look at the happiness on her face. She’s having a good time. For those of you who follow Storyteller and are a fellow photographer, this is it. Photography is fun. It’s not a struggle. Yes. There is a […]

Even with a little better mobility, I still get stuck in the middle of second lines. I’m sure that will get better with time. But, for now, I take advantage of my positioning and just be part of the parade inside of the ropes and kind of away from the crowd of spectators. Sometimes it […]

I just had to. I had to come out on Sunday. I had to be part of the Perfect Gentlemen Father’s Day second line. I had to make pictures because last week was very, very hard. A lot of people left the planet. In New Orleans. And, in Charleston. Some I knew. Some I wished that […]