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An Impressionistic Portrait.

9th Ward Air BnB Double.

9th Ward Air B n B Double.

It’s a long story. But, I made some new friends who came to New Orleans for a visit. They wanted to see my view of things. The view I sometimes call “Ray’s hellish view of New Orleans.” I met them at a second line, but eventually my tour lead us back to where they were staying. We needed a little break so we hung out for a bit. They didn’t mind me constantly taking pictures so I did. This is one of them Yep. I’m lurking in the background. Note, she is downloading pictures from her camera. Camera. She took a lot of pictures. The ones that she showed me were pretty good.

What interested me about their temporary home was their neighborhood. And, that fact that they rented it via Air B n B. I’m pretty sure most of you know what that is. But, for the uninitiated, it’s an online connection service that links people with rooms, apartments or houses to rent for short periods of stays to those people who need them. It’s a little controversial in some neighborhoods because there are local ordinances that do not permit it. Some people who live in those neighbors dislike the idea for a whole host of reasons. One is security. I get that. I might not know everyone in my own neighborhood by name, but I recognize them by sight. I have an idea of who lives there. With a more transient population I would not.

And, of course, there are those who take advantage of the system from both the renter and tenant’s point of view. But, for the most part, it seems like a good idea. Would I stay in a rental from Air B n B? Certainly. But… probably not in this neighborhood. It seems to be coming up and my friends had no problems there. If anything, they got a sense of a real New Orleans neighborhood. It was certainly more real than staying in an Omni, or Marriott or some place like that. Or, never leaving The French Quarter. They wanted that experience. The real one. But, I know that neighborhood to be pretty rough. Still.

The picture. This house is nice and bright and sunny. You may think it weird that there is a bed in what might normally be a dining room, but this place is a double with the a shotgun styled layout. Originally, this room was probably a bedroom that you passed through to get to the kitchen.

Anyway. I started tinkering with the original image late at night and this picture is where I came out. A little spooky. A little nostalgic. A little New Orleans. Let me be clear about one thing. My post production work is not making any sort of statement about the content. I was just playing around and having fun.




  1. Very cool! Do you play with the images digitally, or is it film and dark room?
    I love the shiny floor, the light coming in the through the window and your shooter’s photo bomb 🙂


    • Hi. This one is digitally done. It would probably take forever in a wet darkroom. Besides, I’m do pretty straight work on film. There’s me and one more person hiding down near me.


  2. Awesome as always, Ray. You just have a way of capturing the essence of our city in your photographs. I love seeing my city through your eyes.


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