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Cemetery Stroll

Cloudy Summerish Day

Cloudy Summer’s Day

I took a walk. Well, not exactly. I took some friends on a tour of New Orleans. My New Orleans. The more hellish side. We started with Lafayette Cemetery No. 2. It’s located in Central City. In the past, this wasn’t the safest place in the world. But, like most of New Orleans, things are changing. You still want to be careful, just like any urban place. But, you no longer have to worry. Besides, the gates are closed and locked at 5pm. Everybody knows that the bad stuff happens at night. Mostly. So they say. “They” is frequently wrong.


Here’s a little look at what I saw.

A couple of things to know. I was photographing (I’d say shooting. But, not in this neighborhood.) around 2 or 3pm. That is not my favorite time of day. The light is too high. Too white. Way too contrasty. But, we were starting our tour. Besides, one of my photographic heroes, Jay Maisel, says that you should use any light. Especially light that you don’t like. It is our job as photographers to make a picture with whatever we have. Okay. I’ll try.

These are the results.

I don’t know Carl Spitz. I just liked the shape of his tomb.

One way to deal with this kind of light is to make silhouettes.

Another way to work with overly bright mid-day sun is to ignore it and head for the shadows.

Finally, take a few steps back using a wide lens and photograph the general scene.

Happy Sunday.



Burnt Offerings.

Burnt Offerings.





  1. Onyebuolise Grace says

    The pictures are great! I had always loved to be a photographer. I hope I live long enough to fulfill that dream.


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