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Long Weekend Coming

Canal at Shell Beach.

Canal at Shell Beach.

I was just going to post this picture and wish everybody a happy weekend, especially to my friends in the United States who are getting ready for a long weekend, with Monday being Memorial Day. I was probably going to remind everybody that at its heart, Memorial Day was set aside to remember those who died while serving in the military. In many communities, it’s grown to something else. People head cemeteries to remember to anybody who has ever died. That’s okay. Great, even. Just remember what the holiday really means. Remember that while you are grilling your hot dogs and hamburgers. Remember that somebody paid what Abraham Lincoln called “the fullest measure of a man” so that you — we — could enjoy ourselves this weekend. And, every weekend.

That said, I never know where I am, most of the time.

This picture illustrates that perfectly. It’s a canal that leads to Shell Beach, a place where a memorial is located for the 163 Hurricane Katrina victims who died there. I’ll tell you that story later. In August. As we near the tenth anniversary of the storm.

But, I digress.

I thought this canal lead to Lake Borgne. That’s what I told my friends. Once again, I was wrong. It leads to the gulf end of MRGO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet) which we call “Mister Go, ” and a bayou called Yscolskey. Finally, you arrive in Lake Borgne. There is an old pre-Civil War fort out there, reachable only by boat. That’s also a story for another day. Apparently, it was reachable by land in the early 1950s, but when MRGO was dredged it created a water barrier. That canal did nothing but damage. It is very responsible for sucking the Katrina storm surge inland and flooding a good part of New Orleans.


Enjoy the picture.




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