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Street Sounds

A light tight.

A light tight.

A little more from last Sunday’s second lines. A little more music. A little more brass. Toot, toot, toot. Honk, honk, honk. And, some rat-tat-tat on the snare drums.

I’d like to tell you that next up will be some more pictures from the parades. But, I’ve got all kinds of pictures to show you. From all sorts of places. Besides, the second line for this coming Sunday has been cancelled. And for now, the schedule shows just two more parades until the close of the second line season when the weather turns way too hot and way too wet. I’ve got to schedule these things a little so you can see more from the streets. Of course, on Saturday, there is the jazz funeral for Trumpet Black. But, I have to think about that. Of course I want to pay my respects. Of course the work is the prayer. But, it’s been a couple of weird weeks and I’m not so sure that I’m really up for it. Of course, at the last-minute I’ll start walking on the ceiling and just go…

Lots of brass.

Lots of brass.

Drummer in a crowd.

Drummer in a crowd.


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