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Way Out There (In Blue and Green)

Broken trees.

Broken trees.

Ten years. A decade. A long time.

This is what’s left. In some places.

These shattered trees are Hurricane Katrina survivors. They are way out in St. Bernard Parish. Down by Delacroix. St. Malo. Shell Beach. Near Lake Borgne. Where the storm unleashed its terrible fury.

Please don’t mistake the content of this one picture for the heart and soul of Gulf Coast people. Even though they took a pretty big hit, they are back. They’ve built stronger buildings on stills in order to survive flood waters. They’ve rebuilt their fishing industry. They cleaned up a lot of the damage left behind by the strong winds and surging water. Yet, they live outside of the strong surge gates that protect New Orleans. They do what they can. But, they know that nature can unleash an even more powerful storm whenever she seeks balance. Stasis. They understand the balance between their needs and nature’s needs. If it happens again they’ll be back. Again.

For me, this picture says a huge amount. Not only does it talk about the storm. But, when I took this picture — yesterday — we were in the midst of a classic Southern Gulf Coast day. A perfect day as musician Lou Reed once wrote.



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