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Back To It

Sean's.... again.

Sean’s…. again.

Back to the scene. Back to the work that I really should be doing… and showing you.

Of course, I’ll return to last weekend’s second lines, but I did some more exploring. I think those pictures are a lot of fun. Especially, since I brought a few friends with me who like seeing and photographing this stuff. They came here from Idaho. They didn’t want to see any of that typical touristy stuff. Oh no. So I took them on “Ray’s Mad Teapot Ride.” They also served as stand-ins for some of the locations that really were screaming out for people. These places really are ghost locations and ruins. But, having a person or two in them makes the pictures feel… well, some other way.


You’ve seen both of these places. Two clubs. Same street. Different eras. The top picture is Sean’s – one time sports bar, one time music club, one time local dive. The bottom picture is a new interior picture of Club Desire. One of the birth places of what eventually became rock and roll after first being the home to some big band music, straight ahead jazz, bebop, jump blues and finally… photo rock n’ roll.

I’ve been photographing these places for a while. If you’ve like to see more pictures please use the search engine on Storyteller and you’ll find plenty of work.

Into Club Desire.... again.

Into Club Desire…. again.



  1. THESE!
    What is the draw to the old, abandoned, and dirty? It’s what I like to photograph as well. Yours has so many layers to it and it’s what keeps me coming back. I need to search through your site some more. Have you published books, too? I’d love to get lost in your photographic stories!
    (Sorry if I’m starting to sound like a groupie!)


  2. Hi. I photograph it because I’m trying to document my city or a specific subject. Music, for instance. The period I’m working on is like trying to photograph ghosts and shadows. As far as abandoned goes, after the storm there were some 60,000+ abandoned buildings in New Orleans alone. That doesn’t count the outlying parishes. Today, there are around 30,000. For me, it’s a way of seeing improvement and repair. The harder it is to find broken places, the better off we are.

    From a photo perspective, layers is the ultimate goal. That’s both technically and in terms of content. Getting the viewer to feel something is more important than getting a viewer to see something. It’s also very hard to do. I fail most of the time.

    I photographed a lot of books in the past. They are getting pretty long in the tooth. However, I’m in the middle of five books that are more geared to modern distribution. They will be smaller, delivered on paper and electronically and less expensive. I’m also working on packaging them together as a “boxed set.” That’s a little harder because that does cost real money.

    Groupie? Someday I’ll tell you a story. Hahahahaha….


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