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Seeing Things

Feels like Italy

Feels like Italy.

It’s Sunday. Time for a few details.Time for a lot of color.

Easy on the eye. Easier on the mind. Good for the heart. Good for the soul.


Rust never sleeps. Neither does nature.

I made the top picture inside of an abandoned house in Hollygrove. It’s a combination of old plaster walls, peeling wallpaper and brand new growth coming through the walls. It feels like Italy. Or, France. Some place like that. The bottom picture was made in The French Quarter. The storm shutters are ancient, but not as old as the walls. The walls were probably built in the late 1700s or early 1800s. Not as old as buildings in Europe, but for The United States they are pretty old.

Have a great Sunday. I’m gonna photograph a couple of second line parades and if I’m in any kind of shape, the last few hours of The Bayou Boogaloo. You like those pictures. Let’s just hope some of the cloud cover breaks up just a little around sunset.

French Quarter storm shutters.

French Quarter storm shutters.



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