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Key to the Highway

Out on the road.

Out on the road.

“I got the key to the highway, billed out and bound to go
I’m gonna leave here runnin’, because walkin’ is much too slow
Give me one more kiss mama, just before I go
‘Cause when I’m leaving’ here, I won’t be back no more” — Charlie Seger, Big Bill Bronzy. 1940.

Apparently, the song was written simultaneously with changes in the melody. At least, that’s the story. It’s been recorded by just about everybody who plays the blues, including Eric Clapton with his then band Derek and the Dominoes. Later, he recorded it with B.B. King. You know where this is going…

With B.B.’s passing, I decided to get back to it. No time like the present, eh? Life is pretty short. Even 89 years. That seems like a drop in the bucket when you consider the planet’s history. Besides, I really do like working in the rain. Especially, yesterday.

Let’s see if this scheduling thing really works.

River Road in the rain.

River Road in the rain.



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