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Gulf Coast Skies

Westwego Shopping Center

Westwego Shopping Center

They say if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. A lot of people in a lot of places say this. Of all the places I’ve been — and, that’s a lot — I’ve never seen the weather change as often and as frequently as it does in Southeast Louisiana. All these colorful clouds are an example of that. The clouds are moving from one place to another. Sometimes they bring rain. Sometimes they don’t. But, they add a lot of character to the sky. That makes my job easier.

These pictures?

A little explanation will help.

The top picture was taken in a little Westbank city called Westwego. Legend has it that it got its name from railroad men, who assembled westbound trains there and would yell out, “west we go” when they were ready to leave. So… that sign doesn’t mean what you think it does. Sure, it’s located at the edge of a big, almost abandoned, shopping center. At one time, the whole sign said, “Westwego Shopping Center,” not “We Go Shopping.” Some storm got the top and right side of the sign. Rather than tearing it down, some resourceful person just finished the top, trimmed the right side and let it be.

The middle picture. Two things. That’s the Huey P. Long bridge. It spans the Mississippi River and leads to — wait for it — Westwego. It also heads west. If you are going to Los Angeles, this is part of the route that Amtrak uses to get there. This is also the bridge from which last week’s storm blew the freight cars into the ground.

Finally. Sometimes clouds, or sunsets, or sunrise, or rain or, or, or… just need a subject. I was reaching a bit. But, I like telephone poles. I used to think, like so many photographers do, that I had to avoid them at any cost. Now I just see them as part of the general scene. Especially in urban or near urban environments. They add a nice graphic element.

Huey P. Long railroad bridge.

Huey P. Long railroad bridge.

The Road an The Sky

The Road and the Sky


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