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Chasing Streetcars

Streetcars, in the rain, on St. Charles Avenue.

Streetcars, in the rain, on St. Charles Avenue.

It’s been a long time since I did this. When we first returned home, I chased streetcars a lot. I was just so happy to see them again after being exiled to the high desert. Usually, I did it around dusk when the colors pop and the sky is a nice deep shade of blue. But the last week’s storm darkened things up and made the streets reflective and just interesting enough. I had to pass that way. So, why not? Besides the automobile traffic was creeping along at a brisk one or two miles per hour. So, a very low ISO, a slow shutter speed at f5.6 and away I went. After all, any kind of success with this kind of picture is really just a matter of timing and luck. Truth be told, mostly luck.



  1. I flow a couple of WordPress blogs. You might too. The last thing I read was 190 M. But, I don’t really know much beyond that. There are people who I’ve followed in the past. I haven’t read them in months. Some in years. I’m sure that’s happened to you too. I’m guessing unless they shut down their blog, WP keeps them on their list of bloggers.


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