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In The Neighborhood

Rain in the Garden District.

Rain in the Garden District.

Spring. Southeast Louisiana. Add those two together and you get big rain storms. Or, little ones. It doesn’t matter. It’s what keeps us green, growing and humid. As I once wrote, just plant it. Everything grows here.

This picture. I don’t go far. Just a couple of blocks away.  It was one of this first pictures I made during “the big storm” of April. The one that dumped about four inches of water on us in only a few hours. That one that caused power failures everywhere. The one the dropped three — I thought it was only two — tornado funnels at various points around Greater New Orleans. The one that blew the train off the trestle. The one that made national news. Yep. That’s the one.

This house. Oh, it’s legendary. Especially if you like vampires and scary stuff. This is one of Anne Rice’s former homes. I think you can see Lestat peeking out of one of the windows. Ms. Rice may have moved, but he likes it here. He stayed.




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