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Spring in the South

Old house from another angle.

Old house from another angle.

I was talking with an old friend of mine a couple of nights ago. We were mostly talking about one of his old bands, but I was also talking about the big storm and how it pretty much killed our veggie garden. He was sort of surprised and said that they haven’t even planted their garden yet. He lives in Virginia. You know where I live. Louisiana.

It dawned on me just how early are spring rolls around down here. And, just how short the thing that passes for winter lasts. I’d say our winter is barely two months long. Even then, with the exception of a few days, it really isn’t very cold. Snow? We get it once a decade or so, whether we need it or not. Spring planting? We were planting in late February or Early March for a June harvest. Well… harvest might be overstating things a bit, but you know what I mean. It’s a home garden. We certainly don’t need a picking crew and a bunch of machines. We have dogs for that. They like strawberries. They deny it. But, the minute that a strawberry turns red and is ripe enough to give off a little sweet smell, bang, it’s gone. The lucky dog looks at you as if to say, “it wasn’t me,” all the while red juice is dripping off his or her face.


By this time of year. May Day. May 1st, most of the spring flowers are done. We are now getting some blooms of what you would call summer flowers. Then, we’ll reach the so-called dog days when it’s too hot outside. Nothing grows. Our dogs go out, but hide in shady places. Or, they go swimming. That’s a whole other story. The October rolls in, we start our second growing season with veggies due to be picked in around December.

It’s great living in an outdoor hot-house. Something is always growing. The dogs are always eating it.

Spring is almost over.

Spring is almost over.



  1. just stumbled across your portfolio site… amazing shots!! completely capture the movement and vibrance that is NOLA. love them


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